Monitor audio bronze 100 dimensions

Monitor audio bronze 100 dimensions

Lab Report Despite the Bronze 's compact dimensions the specified 87dB sensitivity is not overly optimistic, the newcomer achieving a mean sensitivity of MA quotes a minimum of 4. The Bronze will be an easy enough drive for most competent budget amplifiers. PM Response inc. Left, black; right, red; w. Not Cancelled! A personal message from editor Paul Miller: Share your stories Search form Search. Note 29kHz dome breakup. Related Latest Reviews News.

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Prince: Sign O' The Times. Top 10 Open-Reel Decks.This is my inaugural introduction to the Monitor Audio sound and it is via the Bronze — the larger standmount speaker and the step up from the Bronze Given the large dimensions, the Bronze did not blend subtly with the home furnishing — suffice to say, it did not receive the stamp of approval from the missus.

Monitor Audio says these improvements allow the speaker to have a deeper, fuller sound while retaining a clean, precise presentation. Frequency response is quoted at 37HzkHz, sensitivity at 88dB and nominal impedance at 8 ohms, with watts power-handling capability and an SPL of dBA per pair. Build quality, fit and finish of the review unit were good and on par with loudspeakers in this price range. Four finishes are available — White, Walnut, Urban Grey and Black review unit — and each comes with a sleek contrasting baffle and matching cloth-covered magnetic grille.

I found the two-tone dark grey baffle with black vinyl wrap cabinet a nice touch as most offerings around this price point tend to be limited. The magnetic speaker grills are elegantly designed to complement the overall aesthetics, and yet easily removable — something I wish more manufacturers would consider doing. Around the rear are a pair of gold-plated bi-wire terminals while internal cabling is made up of Pureflow silver-plated oxygen-free copper.

There is also nut just above the speaker terminals.

Monitor Audio Bronze 6G: acclaimed entry-level speaker series enters sixth gen

Included with the speakers is a hex key, which can be used to tighten the nut over time should it become loose. The speakers were slightly toed in to my listening spot, which was about five feet away. I ran single wire runs as my Rega Elex amp is not bi-wireable. My speaker cables are terminated with banana plugs but the Bronze speaker terminals left me a little stumped as the banana plugs would only fit a third of the way into the terminals.

This did not provide a secure connection, so I had to resort to removing the banana plugs and use bare wire instead. Apart from bare wire, speaker cables terminated with spades would fare better when wiring up the Bronze As the speakers were brand new, I ran the pair in for about two weeks before doing any critical listening. The Elex-R was at ease driving them and I reckon any well-designed amp putting out 50 watts and above will get good mileage out of these speakers.

Given the large dimensions, the Bronze cabinet has a large internal volume, thus producing a big sound. And with the volume turned down for late night listening, they still remained tuneful, clear and detailed. These speakers have a clean presentation and I particularly enjoyed my time with them on acoustic material. And to my ears — the piano she played on sounded an octave lower. Bass heads will be pleased at what the Bronze can muster. There is dollops of bass at hand — not the flabby kind — but the deep, tuneful kind that underpins the mid-bass and provides body to the music that is being played.

From memory, I do not recall hearing this level of integration and scale from the Elac Debut 2. Ultimately, it would be transparency and engagement. The Bronze is a great performer but falls short of luring me into the deeper aspects of a recording. One caveat with these speakers is the need for space. Now this was something I could not attempt given the size limitations of my listening space.

But how well these speakers perform will depend on application hi-fi or home theatre and partnering gear.The C-CAM midbass drivers feature new cone geometry, a larger voice coil and a concentric damping system. According to the manufacturer, the improvements made to the C-CAM Gold tweeter provide a better dispersion of high frequencies and an optimal time alignment with the other drivers for a balanced and lively sound. The updated C-CAM drivers are supposed to provide smoother and tighter lows.

Monitor Audio is a British manufacturer that has been designing acoustic speakers for over 40 years. The British brand places great importance on design and finish quality. Over the years, Monitor Audio has become an expert in designing metal cone drivers, which it prefers to more traditional materials paper or plastic for their superior acoustic properties and realistic sound reproduction. The British brand has also developed several proprietary technologies that contribute to the acoustic qualities of its speakers.

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RST technology uses specialized modelling for the driver cones, which feature small recesses on their surface. This design prevents standing waves and improves transducer damping. The HiVe High Velocity system considerably improves the performance of bass-reflex enclosures by enabling higher air velocity inside the port.

It uses one or several profiled and rifled ports that optimize air flow. This improves the transient response and ensures tight bass. C-CAM drivers have a ceramic-coated aluminum-magnesium alloy cone. This design allows them to be both incredibly light and extremely rigid. C-CAM cones therefore provide an excellent impulse response for lively note attacks, while eliminating the risk of distortion from the lowest to the highest frequencies.

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In addition to having a large catalog of hi-fi and home theater speakers, Monitor Audio has developed an extensive range of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, whose drivers benefit from the same technologies as the classic series.

This is essential for enjoying 5. Both Monitor Audio Bronze compact speakers come in one cardboard box. Each speaker is wrapped in a synthetic fabric cover and held securely in place by polystyrene blocks.

Also in the box are two acoustic fabric grilles, a pair of foam plugs for the ports, non-slip and damping adhesive pads and a hex wrench in case the screws need tightening after moving, for example. The Monitor Audio Bronze speakers come in two separate boxes one for each speaker and its accessories. Each speaker is wrapped in a synthetic fabric cover and held in place by polystyrene blocks.

Bronze 100

Each comes with a magnetic acoustic fabric grille, a pair of foam plugs for the ports 2 plugs as each speaker has 2 portsas well as a set of feet, screws and two hex wrenches. The feet come with the decoupling spikes already mounted. However, these spikes can be unscrewed and replaced with the included damping pads.

The Monitor Audio Bronze speaker is the largest compact speaker from the 6th generation Monitor Audio Bronze speaker range. The speaker is just over 23cm wide, The Monitor Audio Bronze is the smaller of the two floorstanding models in this range.

It has a 2.

monitor audio bronze 100 dimensions

Its cabinet only measures Consequently, it has a slimmer silhouette that makes it easy to integrate. The base of the speaker measures This technology guarantees a more balanced sound dispersion in the highs while providing a better time alignment with the other drivers.

Аудиофилия с полочной акустикой от 40 до 200 тысяч: Monitor Audio Bronze, Silver и Gold 100

According to the manufacturer, this design provides a deeper sound in the lows whilst retaining the precision and purity of the mids. The Monitor Audio Bronze and Monitor Audio Bronze speakers both have a bass-reflex enclosure that uses one port for the compact model and two for the floorstanding model. These HiVe II vents are streamlined and rifled to optimize airflow and eliminate turbulence.Featuring a complete upgrade for superior sound and build quality, everything was created with you in mind.

The fresh cabinet designs have clean and simple lines, and are available in a choice of four contemporary finishes White, Walnut, Urban Grey and Blackwith a sleek contrasting baffle and matching magnetic cloth-covered grille for an understated appearance.

One of the most eye-catching features of the speakers are the acoustically transparent hexagonal dispersion patterns on the tweeter cover. Bronze speakers are a true part of the prestigious Monitor Audio speaker family as the hexagonal design also features on our award-winning Silver and Gold series. This design gives Bronze a premium feel, allowing light to catch the distinctive gold tweeter dome behind the grille. The Bronze speakers are undoubtedly in a different class. Premium gold-plated terminals and Pureflow silver-plated oxygen-free copper internal cabling offer pure and secure cable connectivity.

As you would expect with Monitor Audio, the Bronze Series delivers an industry-leading sound. We have used our five decades of design heritage to ensure that our speakers offer an unforgettable performance wherever they are positioned in the home. The drivers also feature a larger diameter voice coil to allow production of higher sound pressure levels. These design enhancements allow the Bronze Series to deliver a smoother tighter bass.

Since its first launch two decades ago, the multi award-winning Bronze Series has set the standard as a class leader and today there are thousands of satisfied owners across the globe. Their attractive design and choice of finishes ensures that they will complement any room in the home.

Bronze 50 Discover.

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Bronze Discover. Bronze C Discover. Bronze FX Discover. Bronze W10 Discover.Following an initial announcement in February, Monitor Audio has officially launched the next generation of its renowned Bronze series of budget speakers.

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Monitor Audio says the range takes both performance and build quality further to make the best Bronze Series yet — an expected but nevertheless bold claim considering how successful the range has been. Earlier generations of Bronze speakers have picked up many What Hi-Fi? Awards and five-star reviews over the years, with the three-time-award-winning Bronze 2 from even included in our list of the best 13 Monitor Audio products of all time.

Boldly perhaps riskilygiven that success, Monitor Audio has opted not to simply upgrade the existing Bronze models, but to design new speakers from the ground up. Even the dimensions are new, with the new cabinets generally a little larger than the equivalents from the previous generation. The Bronzethe bigger of the two standmounters and arguably the core model in the range, is in fact dimensionally identical to the Silverso a fair bit larger than the Bronze 2 it replaces.

monitor audio bronze 100 dimensions

It features a larger driver, too — an 8in, single-piece C-CAM dome rather than the 6. Monitor Audio is keen to point out that this isn't a cost-reduced Silver driver, but a custom, bespoke Bronze driver. The entry-level Bronze 50 is bigger and more of a 'proper' stereo speaker than the outgoing Bronze 1, too, which was often thought of as more of a satellite speaker for surround systems.

The C-CAM gold dome tweeter also now features a uniform dispersion waveguide for greater dispersion of sound. It sits behind a new version of the honeycomb-speckled grille first seen on the Silver range. Monitor Audio is keen that its speakers be instantly recognisable, and it seems that this tweeter grille is key to that. It certainly gives the new Bronze speakers a very smart appearance, particularly when combined with the clean lines, lack of a front-facing reflex port it's now been moved to the rearand new finishes, which consist of white, black, walnut and a very fetching 'urban grey'.

The new Atmos topper is an exciting addition. Surprisingly, it's the first speaker of its type that Monitor Audio has produced, and is designed to dimensionally match the 6in-driver speakers - so the Bronze 50 standmounter and Bronze floorstander. It has its own, upward-firing 4. We briefly heard the new Bronze as part of the Bristol Hi-Fi Showour first impressions of which are documented in our Monitor Audio Bronze hands-on review.

We expect to have review samples very soon. The speakers will be available in black, white, urban grey and walnut finishes, save for the Bronze FX and AMS, which are limited to black or white colourways. Best budget hi-fi speakers Music quiz: can you name every artist to top the album charts in the s? What Hi-Fi?

monitor audio bronze 100 dimensions

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. See all comments 2. I think it's disappointing that the reflex port has been moved to the back.They replace the Award-winning Bronze 2 speakers, though they have grown in size and price over their predecessors. These are the first models we have reviewed from the new sixth-generation Bronze line-up, which also includes a smaller standmounter and two larger towers.

For the Bronze s, Monitor Audio has been brave and changed just about everything from the previous model. Both of these changes bode well, as they bring the promise of deeper bass, wider-ranging dynamics and higher volume capability. However, there are still some neat touches, such as the pleasing hexagonal pattern for the tweeter grille and the lack of driver fixings on the front panel. Though those ports can be blocked to reduce bass output, that never quite sounds right to us either.

We prefer to have the Bronzes a little into the room with the ports left open. Start with the speakers placed around 30cm out from the rear wall and experiment from there. Monitor Audio suggests aiming the tweeters so that they cross around a metre or so behind the listener. That works well for us. Speakers at this level have a difficult job.

Bronze 5 - (Discontinued)

They have to be unfussy enough to sound good with micro systems while at the same time having enough transparency to make the best of pricier mid-priced electronics. We would expect most price compatible amplifiers to be able to drive such a load without issue. Connection is via two sets of good quality binding posts. Such a high-end set-up will show just how good the speakers can sound when fed with an impeccable signal. They can play loudly too, retaining their composure even when pushed to high levels with demanding music such as this.

The Monitor Audios are also clear and manage to dig up a fair amount of detail. So, there are things to admire here, particularly if analysis is your thing.

Songs that should fizz with energy fall flat, thanks to a lack of rhythmic coherence and the inability to express dynamic nuances with any great skill. A quick swap to any of the class leaders confirms our doubts. At the other end of the spectrum, really deep bass is a little soft. This is a tough market, but one that Monitor Audio has negotiated with skill for decades. Best budget hi-fi speakers Read our Monitor Audio Bronze 2 review. Read our Dali Oberon 1 review.

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monitor audio bronze 100 dimensions

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